Do you have difficulty using your computer, laptop, cell phone, internet, or a particular program? No more worries, we offer customized courses so that you can learn easily, as soon as possible and with not stress. If you want to obtain a particular program but do not know how to acquire it, we also offer this advice and help you in your installation.

Let us help you to enter the world of technology more easily, improve your knowledge for your personal and / or professional growth. Let’s call now, do not wait any longer to stay behind the modern world.

Our Courses:

Learn How to use your Laptop, Desktop, Tablet and / or Smartphone.

Internet for beginners. You can learn about find information on internet, using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Word for Beginners. Learn to create letters efficiently for your school, your job.

Excel for Beginners. Learn to create Formulas, Pivot Tables,Filters, reports in table format.

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