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Computers and Laptops – Technical Support

We offer specialized technical support for your personal computer or for your business to check faults, troubleshooting in your computer, etc… We give tips for better use. We take care of your personal requests, whether you require advice in a specific program, installing programs like Windows, Office, and more (as long as the program has that language in the market). Ask about our support and remote assistance, we are ready to support you in everything you need.

Our Services:

We make updates to your laptop or desktop PC; We update Windows Operating Systems (latest version Windows 10), antivirus for your computer, programs and / or applications such as Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, …) programs that you have installed (depending on the availability of the program provider).

We make software installations and / or applications in English or Spanish (provided there is the version in the market). We also install Hardware such as memories, hard drives, new peripherals, changes of screens for damage, etc.

We perform information recovery processes on damaged disks, as well as information that has been deleted by mistake.

We do preventive and corrective maintenance of Hardware and Software to your computer, optimizing the speed of your machine (problems with slower equipment).

We provide technical advice and other requirements that you need or want to implement in your home or office.

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