How to search in Google


Had you been in situations where you do not know how to get a search according to what you need in google?. Had you have spent valuable time browsing between different pages that shows this famous search at best what you were looking for of your search?.

Here we show you some valuable tricks when looking for information from google.

  • Search for an exact phrase using quotation marks (” “): 

 If you need to find some information that contains an exact phrase, place your phrase in the search engine in quotes, this facilitates the work and you are more specific in what you need to find. Example “technological trends”


  • Remove a word from your search with minus symbol ( – ): 

    It is possible that when you looking for something, you do not want information about a specific topic to appear, you can place a minus symbol (-) at the beginning of the word that you do not want to include. For example, if you are looking for information on new technological trends and do not want information from your country appear, you can put it this way: technological trends -US, with this you are looking for information where the US does not include your search.

  • Place an inclusive word in your search with plus symbol (+):

    technological trends + US

  • Search using the asterisk (*) symbol: 

     By using the asterisk (*) symbol, you are indicating that the search may contain additional information but also specifically include your phrase. For example: technological trends * US, we are saying that we want to search for that phrase, but it can also include related phrases like US technology trends, new technology trends etc.

  • Search using the symbol virgulilla (~): 

    Although it is not very common if you find yourself using a keyboard configured in English (this symbol is used in Spanish to make the letter Ñ), it will help you to do searches that contain your search word and their synonyms or similar words, to use it alone before the symbol to the word to search as an example can be ~ technology.

  • Search using the word INTITLE:

    With this indication you are saying that you want to search only pages that contain your word or phrase only in its title, example of how to use it can be  “intitle: “technological trends”

  • Search using the word INURL: 

    In this search, you will only find the pages that have in your URL or web address the word you are looking for. Example inurl: tecnologia.

  • Search by combining OR  | terms:

    With this search, you will find exclusive information of the terms that you indicated, although sometimes it is not very precise since when giving the order “OR”, can show us only one of the searched word. Example Smartwatch apple | android.

  • Search only by file type with the word FILETYPE:

    This option can be very useful if you only want to find documents of type PDF, .doc, etc. Example Filetype: the art of a war pdf. Although it also works for you if you place the extension at the end of the word or phrase the art of a pdf war.

We hope you found these tricks that we have been able to find useful, although they are not difficult, if it makes life much easier for us. What do you think of our article? Give us your opinion.

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